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Thunderbird Email Client version 2 - Easy to use - SAFE email client

Thunderbird Email Client
The Thunderbird email client (created by the same group that create the Firefox browser) reached version 2 earlier this year, and I've just got around to upgrading to the new version. The upgrade was very straight forward, it was just a case of running the installer and all my previous settings and emails are maintained.

I've used Thunderbird for several years now, and have not yet found an alternative that can tempt me away to anything else. With the latest release it now looks even better. The main reasons that I use Thunderbird are:

Version 2 now adds message tagging, a web style navigation, improved search and easy access to web mail.

If you have a Googlemail account then that can be easily added as an option on the main accounts page (as Googlemail supports POP). Other webmail accounts such as Yahoo Email, Hotmail, Lycos email,, Libero and AOL can be added using the webmail option.

If there was one complaint with the client before it was that it wasn't quite as nice to look at as some alternatives, although that could be changed by applying a new theme. With the latest version this has changed with a new default look and feel, and improved icons which now looks very modern and professional. Of course it's still possible to add an alternative theme using the add-ons functionality.

Yet more improvements to one of the best email clients available.

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